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 Born and raised in the Bay Area, Tayo Amos has always loved making movies. What started as a hobby quickly became her passion starting in college. She has created short films and documentaries for non-profits and companies in the Bay Area, London, and South Africa. In February 2014, she was selected as one of the members of Team Oscar, an extraordinary opportunity to be a presenter during the Oscars telecast, validating her aspirations as a filmmaker. Since graduating from Stanford with a double major in Spanish and Science, Technology, & Society in June 2014, she pursued artistic pursuits during her gap year in Amsterdam and Barcelona.


In May 2015, Amos was a featured speaker at the event “The New Audience” hosted by the Academy at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater alongside Ze Frank, President of Buzzfeed News, and John Lasseter, CEO of Disney/Pixar. The event focused on how digital technologies has transformed the way viewers interact with the movie-going experience. She spoke about how growing up as a digital native informs her perspective as an upcoming filmmaker. Currently, she is in the Bay Area in development for her first feature.


Amos is truly passionate about creating stories that will bring diversity of characters – namely women and people of color –  to the forefront. She is naturally drawn to stories that deal with identity, loss, and exploration. As an upcoming filmmaker, she knows that she will continue to work on her craft and, hopefully, bring her work to the mainstream, thus allowing for more diverse representation in America’s media culture.

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  • A member of Team Oscar at the 86th Academy Awards while she was an undergraduate at Stanford University, Tayo Amos spoke from the perspective of a fledgling filmmaker who has become aware of filmmaking entirely within the digital age and had just spent a memorable period in Barcelona working with peers from around the world on short video productions.

    The New Audience: Moviegoing in a Connected WorldACADEMY OF MOTION PICTURE ARTS AND SCIENCES
  • “We created this contest last year to give students who are passionate about film the opportunity to set their sights on the future,” Zadan and Meron said in a statement. “We received so many inspiring submissions this year that it made for a difficult choice, but the talent and stories of these six winners really represent what Team Oscar is all about and convinced us that they are a perfect fit for the Oscar stage.” 

    Oscar College Contest Winners AnnouncedTHE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER
  • “This may just be the first time the aspiring director, producer and editor gets to hold an Oscar in her hands. In her contest entry film, titled “I Want to Be a Part of the Movement,” she notes that the movie industry is risk-averse, but she hopes to create films in which “real people can connect with stories of human connection to show the beauty of all communities, marginalized or not,” and “show a better world so that we can envision a world of equality.


    TAYO AMOS, a Stanford senior, is among the college students who will hand gold statuettes to celebrity presenters during this year’s Academy Awards presentation. Amos is one of six winners of the “Team Oscar” competition, which invites U.S. college students to submit a creative short video explaining how they will contribute to the future of movies and to answer a brief essay question on a similar topic.” 

    Stanford Senior Among Six College Students Chosen For Team OscarSTANFORD NEWS
  • “Amos said she drew inspiration for her project from Essence Magazine’s short film contest, which sought to challenge the stereotypical depictions of black women in media and Hollywood by asking each contestant to submit a film showcasing positive, multidimensional portrayals of black women.


    “This idea of positive representation stuck with me,” said Amos, who wanted to frame this conversation within the context of the Stanford community. “I want to show that there are amazing Stanford students who look like me and are doing really great things. They talk about what they’re interested in, what their passions are. It’s a statement.” 

    Stanford Senior Creates Black Excellence Web SeriesTHE STANFORD DAILY


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