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We've decided to fundraise this way as opposed to using crowdfunding platforms as they take a substantial fee. We want to make sure every dollar you give goes straight to the screen!

If you would like to give in other ways (such as mailing a check), contact us on our contact page. 

All donations are tax-deductible.


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A Behind the Scenes Video

Digital Version of the Score

$100 rewards


Social Media  Shoutout

Special Thanks in the Film


A Signed Prop from Set

Signed Copy of the Script

$250 Rewards


Digital Copy of the Film

Copy of Tayo's Previous Films

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Official Associate Producer Credit (on iMDB)

Visit to the set in La Honda, CA or Los Angeles, CA*

First look at Cut (can give feedback to director)

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Director Commentary on the Final Short

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Official Executive Producer Credit (on iMDB)

Invite to VIP Screening in La Honda or Los Angeles, CA*

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Signed copy of the poster

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*Does not include travel or housing*


We plan on shooting b-roll shots in La Honda, CA and then our principal photography in Los Angeles, CA. We will be filming a total of 6 shooting days end of April. So your donation is definitely appreciated!


Most of our costs will be going to locations, art department, equipment rentals, and crew support.


Fortunately, we are keeping our shoot efficient as most of the shoot will take place in Los Angeles, CA at the Angeles National Forest so we don't need to pay for travel and housing. 

Equipment Rentals


Food and Transport


Specialized Crew (i.e. Stunt Coordinator)


Production Design (Locations + Art Department) 



This sci-fi action-drama short film is about a fierce and lively young woman Amara who is fighting for her survival in a near-future dystopian society with her brother Donovan. However, when she receives a clue that her father may still be alive,  she has to decide whether she has the strength to follow her instincts.

This short film has entertaining and exciting stunt sequences as well as beautiful character moments. We also see this short film being used as a proof of concept for a feature film, so you are investing in more black female-led stories in Hollywood!


I want to make this movie for young girls like my niece who deserve to see more powerful, strong girls in the stories she consumes. I love what I do and I truly believe that creating more positive images of representation empowers young people and thus, influences our society to improve as well. 


As a black female filmmaker, I love to tell stories with people of color - but specifically women of color - at the center. You’ll be hard pressed to find short films (or any films of that matter) that show black women at the center of a story, not because of their victimhood (i.e. a maid, a slave, a servant), but because of their strength and intelligence and other heroic qualities. I hope A BLOSSOM IN THE NIGHT will be the beginning of a new way of portraying black womanhood in film.


In addition to working with a great casting director as well as professional stunt coordinators for our stunt sequences, we are excited to work with Junior Nyong'o, brother of Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong'o, in the role of Donovan, Amara's brother .


He is currently finishing a run of Hamlet where he is playing the titular role with the Orlando Shakes. He is excited to come to California to shoot this film project with us!


We are a group of talented individuals dedicated to bringing this story to life. 

BH D3+41155_ErikaBennett2_edited.jpg

Tayo Amos is a director from the Bay Area now currently living in Los Angeles in her last year at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts in the MFA Film Production program with a focus on Directing. She received her BA from Stanford University in Spanish and Science, Technology, & Society.

In 2014, she was selected as a member of Team Oscar, an extraordinary opportunity to be a presenter at the Academy Awards. Her latest film ON THE CLOCK was made through USC's prestigious 546 class, which rivals alumni like Ryan Coogler and Steven Caple JR, and is currently making the festival rounds. Her feature screenplay ELITE was a finalist for the Project Cre8 screenwriting contest hosted by BET and Paramount Players and is currently in talks to being optioned and produced by the Viacom property. 


Tayo Amos

Richard Gretsky Bio.jpg

Richard Gretsky is a freelance writer and script doctor who helps people make sure the truest stories from their hearts are translated clearly and powerfully to the page—so people can interact with them genuinely. He’s written for large companies like Adobe, small companies like Strong Films, and everything in between. He’s currently creating and doctoring multiple short- and feature-length films. 


Richard Gretsky


Jeff is an Adjunct Professor in USC's School of Cinematic Arts. He wrote, directed, and produced his debut feature Live or Die in La Honda. Freestyle Digital Media acquired it, and it is currently available on Amazon, iTunes, and other VOD platforms. He's the producer of the original sci-fi series Personal Space, which premiered on Amazon in 2018.He is also an associate producer on the upcoming feature Curtiz, a biopic about Oscar-winning director Michael Curtiz’s personal and professional struggle to make Casablanca. His work has screened at dozens of film festivals around the world, and he currently has several projects in various stages of development.


Jeff Hammer


Paul Adams II is a junior at the University of Southern California from the Washington DC, Metropolitan area. He is pursuing a major Accounting and a minor in Film Production in the hopes of becoming a writer-producer.


Paul Adams II

Letia Solomon is an award-winning African American filmmaker of Jamaican descent based in Los Angeles, CA. She graduated from the University of California Riverside with a degree in Chemical Engineering and worked as a Materials Engineer in Aerospace for four years before transitioning into a career of film. She began her career as an actress and then pursued directing at the New York Film Academy in Burbank, CA. There, she wrote and directed “Elevate” which won for Best Student Film in the 2017 Philadelphia Independent Film Awards. Letia is the Co-Creator of the African World Film Festival in Detroit, MI and currently attends USC’s School of Cinematic Arts for a MFA in TV & Film Production. Woman of many talents, she enjoys directing, producing, acting and entrepreneurship. 


Letia Solomon

Ari is a freelance casting director who has worked for Netflix and student films at schools like USC and AFI. She is excited to cast a project with diverse, exciting roles!

Casting Director

Ari Brown


Mehdi Bennani is half French and half Moroccan, and is currently a senior in architecture at USC and has since cultivated his experience in Production Design with the School of Cinematic Arts.  He has worked as an actor, grip, art director, and now serves as production designer on the project.   He hopes to bring to this project the vision of a light appearing in the darkness of this futuristic world, by bringing a personal significance of the sets, the props, and the locations, to the main characters. 

Production Designer

Mehdi Bennani

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